VIVID VISION Yoga Experience


Vivid Vision Yoga Experience, Part 2

Saturday, April 24 at 1 pm

Continue the process of VIVID VISIONING in this workshop.

Expect to:
* continue the journey through mind mapping,
* deeper and detailed writing and sharing
*vision expansion
*intuitive and personalized flow sequence
*planning next steps with community support

Live, Zoom & Recorded

Saturday, January 30
1-4 pm LIVE in Gaithersurg area, by ZOOM, and RECORDED

Guided by Natasha Romano of Warrior One Yoga and Tami Mensh, Transformative Life Coach

Create a 3- dimentional world that you will explore through writing, creative movement, meditation and yoga nidra.


Let's time travel and imagine what your life could be like 3 years in the future. This is exponential thinking where anything is possible. It’s called creating a Vivid Vision. During this process, you don’t have to worry about “how” you are going to get there, just where you want to go—in vivid detail that helps you manifest your dreams and unlimited potential.

This workshop goes beyond the concept of making a Vision Board. A Vivid Vision is different. It is a document written by you about the future in the present tense, that clearly states your vision in a way that can be shared internally with a team or externally with the world. When people understand your Vivid Vision they can be a part of it, and it can become part of their vision too. This can be used as a tool for business, life or family that you return to time and time again.


In this highly interactive 3-hour workshop, you will learn what a Vivid Vision is, why you need it, how to write it, how to roll it out and how to make it come true. We will come together as a group to amplify the power of our individual visions.

Guided meditation to balance chakras open your third eye for clarity and visualization

Set your intention and declare your Sankalpa or “Word of the Year”

Brainstorm, learn techniques and share ideas to help inspire you to dare to dream and think big

Begin to write your Vivid Vision using a Vivid Vision workbook- included as a workshop BONUS

Embody your vision with Yoga Nidra practices

BYOP- Bring Your Own Props- Yoga mat, 1-2 blankets, blocks, strap, bolster, eye pillow or small towel

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal and something you like to write with

All levels welcome, no prior yoga experience required

Space is limited and expect strict Covid guidelines.