Vivid Vision Yoga Experience

Saturday, January 31

1-4 pm  Live, Virtual & Recorded



What would you like your life to look like 3 years into the future? Let’s time travel using exponential thinking where anything is possible. It’s called creating a Vivid Vision. During this process, you don’t have to worry about “how” you are going to get there, just where you want to go- in vivid detail that helps you manifest your dreams and unlimited potential.

This workshop goes beyond the concept of making a Vision Board. A Vivid Vision is a document written about the future in the present tense that clearly states your vision in a way that can be shared internally with a team or externally with the world. When people understand your Vivid Vision, they can be a part of it, and it can become their vision too. This can be used as a tool for business, life or family that your return to time and time again.


In this highly interactive 3-hour workshop, you will learn what a Vivid Vision is, why you need it, how to write it, how to roll it out and how to make it come true. We will come together as a group to amplify the power of our individual visions. 

  • Guided meditation to balance chakras open your third eye for clarity and visualization
  • Set your intention and declare your Sankalpa or “Word of the Year”.
  • Brainstorm, learn techniques and share ideas to help inspire you to dare, dream and think big. 
  • Write your Vivid Vision using a Vivid Vision workbook- included as a workshop bonus
  • Embody your vision using light movement and Yoga Nidra practices
  • Plan next steps to make it happen!

Partner Yoga & Thai Massage

February 14

2-4 pm

Celebrate Valentines Day this Valentines day with laughter, playful movement, and feel good massage.  Partner yoga is a great way to work on communication and build trust with spouses, family members, and friends! Together you will work on connecting through breath work and a number of seated, standing, and balancing postures.

Each person will also be guided in the art of giving and receiving a Thai yoga massage through assisted stretching, compression, and release work. Take this knowledge with you so you and your partner can continue to receive the benefits of yoga and massag

Yoga for Menopause

Saturday, May 1


Yoga for Peri & Post MenopauseDesigned for women ages 40-60, this workshop is designed to help and support you through peri and post menopause using ancient yogic and ayurvedic practices.  During menopause, the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone halting menstruation and marking an end to our reproductive years. Often, this is a process spanning as long as 10 years, where the body and mind undergo many changes affecting the brain, bones, weight, sleep and libido.  This is often a time of life where stress of aging parents coincides with growing children.  Small but powerful changes can reduce the negative aspects of what could be a  beautiful time in life.  Expect to:  learn specific breathing techniques for hot flashes, insomnia, and stress management; learn about the Ayurvedi
c approach to Menopause with daily practices; how to use diet and supplements to reduce menopausal symptoms; experience a Yoga practice designed for Peri & Post Menopause; Meditate on bridging into the next phase of life; share and learn from community and gain support from each otherWalk away empowered with a healthy mind set and a support system!


Paddle~n~ Picnic Half Day SUP Season Kick-Off

Friday, May 28
1-4 pm
Pack a picnic and kick off SUP season with an adventure along the Potomac!  Stretch, energize and prepare your body with yoga on land, then head to the water for a paddle hike to an island, where we will socially distant picnic, play, and socialize. Experience the newest, sleekest, and coolest Earth Rive SUP paddle boards.  Space is intentionally limited and social distance is maintained throughout the experience!  Paddleboard and all equipment included.  If you own your own board, join the fun with BYOB (Bring Your Own Board option!) Want to participate in the yoga but not the paddleboard? That's ok too! Join the class (Drop In rate) and watch from land!


SUP/Yoga Fusion Excursion

Paddlestroke SUP & Warrior One Yoga unite for an end of the season SUP/Yoga Fusion event on the scenic Potomac River launching from Anglers Beach and venturing into the Mather Gorge, accessible only by watercraft.   Learn stroke technique from senior instructor Greg Miller.  Along the way,  E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor Natasha Romano will infuse the power of yoga through breath and sensory awareness, light and playful movement and meditation, enhancing the experience.  This experience was so well received, we're bringing it back earlier in the season. You'll feel like you've been transported somewhere remote with a sense of adventure and peace.
Includes board, paddle, pfd, and helmet.

Halloween Paddle

Celebrate this Halloween with a water hike as a witch on a paddleboard.  Grab a witch hat and cape or simply come in costume. This experience will be a paddle hike to an island destination, anchor in for a socially distant break, and treat.  Spooky fun music, pictures and lots of laughs!  BYOB (Bring Your Own Board) or rent one!  Expect to have FUN while maintaining social distance.


Winter Prep Yoga & Pilates Experience


As winter approaches, do you feel a sense of doom or gloom?  Do you feel anxious about what a covid winter will look and feel like? Fear another lock down? Isolation and depression? Weight gain or turning towards unhealthy habits?  If so, this experience will be a time of empowerment. A time to make a plan for your physical, mental and emotional health. A time to shift those fears into discovery of self and manifest a winter of hope, peace and aliveness.  Through chakra awakening poses and 3rd eye visualization, meditation, and journaling expect to create a new and improved vision and plan for your winter and start to manifest something that excites you from your core. Experience a pilates reformer for a work out to fire up the energetic center of manifestation and turn those plans into ACTION!



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