Restorative Aerial Yoga Experience with Thai Massage & Essential Oils

Restorative aerial yoga combines the healing practices of restorative yoga and aerial yoga to feature a silk hammock that floats less than 10 inches off the ground. The lowered hammock acts as a prop and uses gravity to help release pressure from the body, while also providing a deep tissue massage. Maureen and Natasha will offer further assists using Thai massage and essential oils for deep relaxation. This calming practice offers numerous benefits—it soothes the nervous system while boosting immunity, encourages weight loss through reduction of cortisol levels, enhances flexibility, and is a segue for a regular meditation practice bringing peace in a fast-paced world.  Advanced registration is required.  This workshop fills up fast!  

Saturday December 7  3-4:30 pm



Aerial Yoga Experience

This specialty and fast growing style of yoga uses hammocks to strengthen, support and suspend your body.  Open up energy lines and loosen fascia and connective tissue, while having FUN!  The hammock is used a tool to rock and sooth sore and tight muscles and minds.  Expect to release tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and strength.  This specialty yoga strengthens core muscles and increases spinal, shoulder and hip flexibility while loosing connective tissue and fascia in a soothing and relaxing way!  Suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.  

Weekly class is held at One Aum Studio in Potomac on some Wednesdays at 7 pm



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