Yoga, an ancient tradition, modern solution…

Yoga is an ancient mind-body-spirit tradition that can offer practical perspectives and appropriate tools and techniques to help meet life’s challenges, as you are now. Yoga meets you where you are in the moment. You do not have to “be in shape”, “flexible”, or “strong” in order to practice yoga. Start from where you are and then progress at your pace toward your goals.

At Warrior One Yoga, expect personalized treatment.  Class sizes are intentionally small, allowing ample individualized attention.

When you come…

  • Dress comfortably: something you can move easily in with no restrictions. Bring a sweater in case you feel cool. We don’t use footwear unless you need it.

  • Yoga mats, straps, bolsters, and blankets are available on a complimentary basis. However, you are welcome to bring your own.

  • Turn off your cell phone. Yoga is a gift you give yourself. At it's essence, it is about finding presence as much as physical well-being and health.



Warrior One Yoga 
12632 Falconbridge Dr.
North Potomac, MD 20878
Phone: 240-994-2409